How safe Shahruk Khan or Movie Sets ?

A month ago, there was a close real mishap on the sets of Shah Rukh Khan’s new game show – Sabse Shana Kaun – after a generator burst into flames. At that point, there was a flame on the sets of a Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor-starrer, ABCD 2, in Filmcity Goregaon, this time because of a short out.

While no wounds were accounted for in either case, they bring up one undeniable issue: exactly how sheltered are film sets, and the help staff, other than the performers, who work there?

Whose obligation would it say it is?

An official maker, on the state of obscurity, lets us know that “it is the obligation of the line maker and the first aide of a specific task to guarantee well-being measures on the sets”. Nonetheless, this simply is by all accounts an accepted responsibility. “There are no fundamental rules laid out which can be stuck to,” the official maker includes.

Anyway shouldn’t we think about the studios where the movies are being made? Shouldn’t they be considered responsible too? A source lets us know that frequently, film studios where the sets are raised, generally illuminate creation houses that they can just furnish them with flame dowsers; ambulances are by and large not accessible on standby. “Anyway a considerable measure of enormous generation houses do require the push to guarantee security on the sets. They keep an emergency vehicle and a water tanker on standby when a hazardous arrangement is being shot,” says the source.

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