How Hackers Could Steal Your Card Formula

Lets start with the good story. One day at a marginal farmers to cultivate the land. Farmers do not own land. Other land. The sun rising in the east of the cows and the plow to plow the field and came to the mansion. And not only was the start of cultivation of field constraints. Tong is the sound of the plow. Farmers were afraid. I think I understand the ploughshare broken.

Picked up from the bottom to plow the ground soon. To plow a gold pitcher he saw. Pitcher filled with gold coins. His mouth was dry with fear. Brought into the house without saying a word pitcher. Ground and hid. Did not know of his gold. The farmer did not know whether they could make use of gold.

The purpose of telling the story of one. Up period has begun telesamati of inherited by the businessmen and industrialists, banks, insurance, budget investment institutions are neither feel safe.

Development of computer technology in general and from the wealthy owner of the industry tycoon hope everyone had money, he does not have the resources to keep the bank reserves. His property will be safe. But the technology has become so tense for the people.

Various types of offenses is at the helm during the cyber criminals. With the law enforcement, intelligence agencies are able to do neither. Cybercriminals too talented. Knowing the secret number and password through the hacking of the money is raised. As a result, many businesses and financial institutions going bankrupt.

Cybercriminals know how the international business secret password that is not surprising. May have two sources. First is that it is the task of cyber criminals, communicate privately with business payment. The secret deal with his money, assets looted. Dbitayata: hack may know the number of codes and passwords.

Cyber ​​crime may be able to have a positive impact on the global economy. Refer to the parts of the European economy and security researchers Intel Somoni Raj.

Somoni Raj said, cyber crime, especially banks and financial institutions to protect the financial institutions around the world so far has spent about 4 thousand 400 million dollars. However, spending more. Cyber ​​crime has spent many countries because of how the data has revealed.

Cyber ​​crime because many banks, insurance and financial institutions, many employees are losing their jobs. Europe only 1 million 50 thousand people lost their jobs last year.

So the large-scale cyber criminals in touch image. Cybercriminals even macro economy could reach. May adversely impact the global economy. 013 was just that. Retail businesses in the United States with little capital to start the business. They put the money in the bank. At one point, hackers stole their savings.

Many small business is cry. 4 million dollars had been looted. Money laundering is the debit and credit card. Hackers tend to sell on the black market debit card. Closer to take advantage of the hackers and cyber criminals.

To the crime of money from the bank institutions temporarily card transactions. This is evident from the threat of cyber crime, how much for the global economy.

Bad macro economic impact of cyber crime. As banks becoming cumbersome to individual transactions. Each bank accounts of individuals, a new trial is analyzed. When the amount of money in the sector wants to know what it is. Cyber ​​criminals can not take the money away from the calculation of the number of accounts that are trying to keep secret.

The global target of cyber criminals. Does anyone have any money in the bank to individuals. The World Bank in the world economy, especially in the developing world helps. Types of funding development projects are. Cyber ​​criminals and hackers to steal all the information on these projects, then the money will be deposited in their bank. At one point, take away money from the bank. The World Bank in the face of the threat.

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