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 A Christmas feast needs a beautifully decorated table. Gabrielle Fagan serves up three top festive serving styles.

In the festive flurry of decking the halls and choosing the presents, it’s easy to neglect a key focal point — the dining table. Gathering for the Christmas feast is one of the highlights of the celebration, and a well-decorated table will make the meal even more memorable.

“A Christmas table should be so inviting and stylish that no one will want to leave it,” says Susie Watson, founder of Susie Watson Designs, hand-made home accessories specialists.

“Linen for a cloth and napkins really dresses a table and adds character to a setting, while candles are essential for soft, twinkling light.

“If you prefer informality, choose an arrangement of seasonal cut flowers in a large jug and opt for hand-painted ceramics. For details, add jewel-coloured baubles or small gifts at each place setting.”

Ensure the table’s centrepiece isn’t too dominating, or too high that it interferes with the eyeline of guests, Watson advises, as that can discourage conversation.

“A vase filled with glass baubles and twisted hazel twigs is a lovely way to conjure a rustic, country feel, and festive foods such as walnuts, oranges and berries could be arranged in small bowls around it,” Watson suggests.

Three experts reveal their favorite festive looks …


posted 12.12.12

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