History of Biswas Title name| Ancestor of BISWAS

BISWAS title name is not related with religion it related with profession and geographical place. In 1947 when Pakistan and India divided, many SC/Kayasthy/ Teli Muslim family go to East Pakistan (Now It is BANGLADESH) from India.Some of Hindu and Cristian Kayasthy/Teli are staying in India,Pakistan and various countries. KAYASTHY mean scribe and TELI mean producer of cooking oil. SC mean Schedule caste. Not only Muslim, Hindu and Cristian also was   KAYASTHY/TELI/SC.

They were doing business and educated were doing job in British Office/Government or business with landowner.

Biswas was merely a title bestowed by the British (when they ruled India) to the family name after someone of the family served them usefully.’Biswas’, after all means trustwothy.

This surname is pronounced in Bengali as BISH-SHASH and not BIS-WAS.The latter is merely the English pronunciation.

posted by Wasiul Biswas                      08.Feb.2012

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