Health news of Ranbir Kapoor| operation completed

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, who is already won and going to win more awards and accolades during his speech, Rockstar has undergone surgery in hospital yesterday morning: Rushad surgeon to surgically remove the cyst Dr. Udwadia T in the back of the actor.

A close friend of Ranbir confirmed the news, adding, “Ranbir was in the sebaceous glands of the surgery was a minor.”
In fact, Ranbir received only a few hours after the surgery took place: Mumbai Mirror learned that the actor was at home, up to 12 hours by the time a friend Ranbir can resume work at any time. “His Barfi! The project was delayed for several days after the U.S. was down by food poisoning star Ileana. Ranbir will resume layout you want, “said the friend.

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