Great Example of Humanity from Bangladesh

A humanitarian PM Sheikh Hasina. A Rohingya woman touched his feet to greet the Prime Minister.

Myanmar army had fled persecution to save the lives of Rohingya people place confidence in Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh. They think that these human premiers to arrange to return to their homes. He saved his life with shelter, food has satisfied its hunger, the Prime Minister has made a place for their respect and confidence. The Prime Minister on Tuesday (1 September) that the Rohingya refugees, they expressed their thoughts that way. They’re looking at the human’s.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed the affection of the children involved in the refugee camps. At the time he was with her younger sister Sheikh Rehana. At around 1 pm on Tuesday registered Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar Ukhiya kutupalanye they visited.
Best Leader in Asia Sheikh Hasina
Listening carefully to the child, the Prime Minister
The last week of August, the Myanmar army fleeing torture and wounded and homeless, mostly Rohingya. The Rohingyas in the camps, the children went to see the Prime Minister embraced compassion. He took time to listen to them carefully. The women’s feet touched with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to face kannajarita proceed to greet him.

The prime minister described the torture of listening to hurt the baby’s mouth (Picture focus Bengali)
She saw one of the injured children there. To bandage his nose, eyes and face are swollen. She inquired the health of the child.

The child wept when they heard the Prime Minister in the face of violence
During the visit, the Prime Minister’s daughter broke down in tears at the situation. He stroked his cheek on his head. Rohingya children do not know what their crime. Saw the house burn. Some parents have been orphaned lost at the hands of the pranata brought strangers holding hands. When they arrived in the host country, the prime minister of confidence in this sisutirao matched.

The Prime Minister was also thankful to God rahingara camp began. Delirium tears as they say, we do not want our country’s prime minister. Foreign minister came to see us. God bless her.

When she was not PM in 1994
In fact, in 1994 the then opposition leader Sheikh Hasina visited the camp of refugees in Cox’s Bazaar, and he still listens to their inquiries and problems.

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