Garden care during travel | Keep glamor always

For gardeners and plant lovers, the longer you’re away when you travel, the more your yard and outdoor plants will suffer.
If you have pots and patio containers that you hand-water over an above normal rainfall, enlist the help of a gardening neighbor to watch for rain.
If it doesn’t, ask them to water for you.

They’ll also need to monitor water levels for annual plants and vegetable gardens, watering them as moisture conditions dictate, especially in the hottest summer months.
You can protect plants in pots and containers by moving them out of direct sunlight and [grouped together] into dappled shade. This will prevent the drying heat of direct sun.
By placing them in a location close together, you also make it easier on your watering friend by not having to drag a hose around your yard.
If there’s a chance your lawn may need watering, make sure any hoses, sprinklers or anything necessary for that job are assembled and easily accessible for your gardening helper.
Most importantly, offer to reciprocate when they go on vacation. And buy them a nice dinner when you return home!
Before you travel make sure your grass is cut and all planting beds look neat and cared for.
If you’ll be gone for more than two weeks during summer [the height of the growing season], arrange for and prepay a lawn service, a good neighbor, or neighborhood teen to mow your yard. Also, ask them to pick up any wind-blown debris.
Especially during the growing season, tidy your entire yard before you travel to make it look like normal yard maintenance is taking place.
It takes a little more work when planning your trip to Europe to prepare your house, yard, and plants for your time away.
But coming home to everything just as you left it – in good and healthy condition – is more than worth the trouble!

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