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The climate is so …… hot lately. You can try to keep everything cool. Well, how is your dog? A home-made strawberry ice cream will certainly help. Your dog will tell …. “Yes”. and give you a big kiss.

Ingredients (1 serving for 10LBS / 5.6KGS)
* 500 strawberries
* 200g iced water
* 18g gelatin power
* 70g hot water

1. Dissolve gelatin power in hot water
2. Wash strawberries, then remove stems
3. Blend strawberries and iced water in a blender to be strawberry puree add gelatin solution and blend again
4. Chill the strawberry puree
5. Put the strawberry puree into ice-cream marker to make sorbet

Nutritional Notes
Strawberry that the source of Vitamin C. They are important for antioxidant, assists in the formation of collagen and steroids, integral in immune-system function.

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