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Disney Princess remix! One of the reasons the Disney Princesses are socpopular is that they’re pretty basic templates. We can see ourselves in them and play with them so today we’re going to start with, Elsa, who Disney remixed themselves several times before the movie even opened for instance while Elsa was always going to have a big show-stopping musical number she wasn’t always going to go broadway!

Former Disney animation artist Claire Keane recently shared some of her concept art for the film where the studio imagined Elsa as a Bette Midler type diva and also a tortured songstress ala Amy Winehouse you might also notice that both are a little blue that seems to have been a common visual theme for our icy villainous as she was also imagined through most of the filmmaking process and this snow sprite look?

 it was also meant to carry over to Elsa’s pre ice queen look now you’ll notice that all these designs have a lot of spunk after all the cold is very brisk but elsa thanks to the song let it go found herself remixed yet again this time into a sympathetic young woman with a secret that terrified her yet would eventually transform her!

Yes a remix is a huge party of Elsa’s identity as she undergoes the biggest transformation of any Disney Princess to date!

 So now let’s take a look at what Elsa’s fans have done with her by far and away one of the most popular things to do with Elsa is hook her up with Jack Frost from DreamWorks Animation’s rise of the Guardians Jack made quite an impression with animation fans himself but alas nothing on the same level as elsa despite his own dark story line maybe he needed a good song?

Speaking of guys fans are also eager to gender bender Arendelle’s Queen, or is that King? why should girls get to have all the fun and with today’s guys being just as image-conscious as women they’re also eager for their own transformations! and while there’s that distinct Disney.

Artist Clare Hummel recently added Elsa to her series of Disney Princesses wearing historically accurate dresses Hummel painstakingly researched the fashions of the 1830s and 1840s when Hans Christian Anderson wrote the original story as well as Scandinavian royalty. so now let’s think about how we would like to remix elsa here are the basics, she’s the queen of Arendelle a Scandinavian type country, she has a younger sister named Anna who she loves very much and wants to protect,

 but she’s not always in the mood to build a snowman while Elsa originally saw her powers as a curse, she eventually realizes they are a gift love currently isn’t in the cards for her, she has an amazing gown and she’s a great singer okay let’s remix! would you like to see Elsa embrace her role as Queen of Arendelle? Or do you think she belongs in that Ice Palace she built? would you like to see more of Norway reflected in Elsa’s story or is Arendelle perfect the way it is?

Elsa and Anna spend most of frozen apart do you want them to go on adventures together or stay separate? and do you want a more realistic betrayal of these two sisters or should we stick with the ideal? with her powers should Elsa become even more powerful and test her limits or do you want her to stay at this level at least for a little while? do you want Elsa to find love, or get her heart broken?

and is it time to find out where she built her ice closet or should she stay with her now iconic look? can she ever top let it go, should her new songs be happy or still sad and finally guy or girl?

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