FREE Download Blank Space by Taylor Swift 2014

Uh oh! Fans got an early impression of Swift’s showy music feature for ‘Blank Space’ Monday after it was discharged in front of timetable, yet the 24-year-old artist has since imparted it to her about 50 million Twitter devotees.

The music feature for Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” the most sizzling new track off “1989,” was released Monday by Yahoo in front of calendar.

The chief tended to the unannounced discharge prior on Twitter.

“I’ll connect feature later when I think its reasonable. I think it might be a misstep on hurray’s part – they may have discharged it right on time unintentionally,” Kahn tweeted.

“Yup. Hurray effed up. Hold up to see the ‘Blank Space’ feature. Let Taylor present it herself. It’ll be worth the trouble,” he included.

The amusing cut gimmicks the 24-year-old vocalist jabbing fun at her dating notoriety by canvas the picture of a relationship that begins off like a tall tale just to end in calamity.

Quick truly turns up the dramatization after she sees her adoration enthusiasm messaging another person.

“Got a long rundown of ex-mates/They’ll let you know I’m crazy/But I’ve got a blank space, child/And I’ll compose your name,” Swift sings as she carries on as a cliché “insane” lady friend doing everything like dropping her lover’s telephone in the water, setting his garments blazing, cutting his portrait with a blade and crushing his auto with a golf club — to name a couple.


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