Emma Watson, Student of Oxford University

Seated next to her a lecture, a student can not be confused with the remnant of Emma Watson.Dressed in jeans, boots and a coat of snow is, Harry Potter actress looked like any other rookie is proud of his first day at Oxford.
Watson only worth £ 24million and a world star.Beauty, 21-year-old on the picture to his blog, he is smiling for the camera, as it landed in front of the iconic building.
Watson also held by the arm, and found that the books will be “engaged learning”, as he embarks new mandate.Waterproof the model wrote:
“Anyone who starts a new school year, (sorry, who had been to school, and later began to Oxford).
“Only I can say that a great time and good luck in all your work.
‘You can not hear me, and since I’ll be very busy studying, but I want to say Hello and goodbye. The young star has put education at Brown University in the United States earlier this year to focus its operations.
He has made my week marilyn, which should come out this year, and Perks of wallflower.
But Emma Brown noted that the return to complete his degree.
He continues to stay involved in the Brown, but he studied at Oxford this fall, planning to return PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island next year, he finished his studies at the Ivy League school

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