Driving experience on Volkswagen Beetle | how to measure a well car

Before buy a car owner need to know real description about car and need real life experience for the car. the driving experience may be won-self or anybody.

During my career as a journalist, I’m motoring around 2000 different cars, so I’d like my name to the former President of the Philippines Imelda Marcos select favorite of his collection of thousands of pairs of shoes.

The truth is that there were a lot of cars have enjoyed over the years, that I can not have a memory.

My favorite set of wheels is a somewhat easier task and I have been able to narrow it down to four: the decrepit old sit up and beg Ford Popular in which I learned to drive, the motorway lane wandering Daihatsu 4 Trak of the 80s, and the original VW Beetle, which was positively lethal when driven in the wet.

But let’s get back to the front of the clock. When easily classified as bad or worse, the whole car industry is good and even better.

There are strong visual cues to their origin, but this is a Volkswagen beetle, a very different animal from the “People’s Car” that Dr. Ferdinand Porsche designed for the end of 1930, Adolf Hitler’s behest.

The start of the engine is now on! Moreover, as subtle changes, especially Ugly duckling to become a thing of beauty, especially in red or black.

The new car is longer, lower and wider than its immediate predecessor, more masculine and dynamic appearance.
Third, there are two special editions of standard TRIM and there is a wide range of innovative optional equipment on offer, including key-less entry, sat nav, Bi-Xenon head lights and a powerful set of fender acoustic guitar was designed in cooperation with well-known producer of the same name.

L, 1.2, 1.4 and 2.0 liter petrol engine variants are available in 2.0-TDI BlueMotion Technology 1.5TDI diesel Just released is we can offer 65,7 MPG combined heat gas carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption value of just 114 g / km, thanks to the addition an attack starts and battery regeneration systems.

As well as an economically and environmentally sound, the new beetle is one of the most secure cars on the road, earning a coveted five-star safety ratings.

Good car to drive, as well as the house really good seats and dials and controls are ergonomically.

It has been 73 years since he first hit the bug Autobahn over 21.5 million units have been sold worldwide.

I enjoyed my time in the car. No, I can not say that my car, but I will say that if you are rich enough to cut the car, I had a space in the garage.

posted in 10.12.2012

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