Domhnall Gleeson With Mysterious Role In Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It’s almost a year since Star Wars Episode VII become a tangible upcoming movie with the announcement of the main cast. No black and white behind-the-scenes shot has been poured over more than the picture of the eleven stars and the key crew; the original cast were back, and there was a nice mixture of fresh and familiar faces joining the Saga in new roles.

Thanks to the trailer (let’s keep all those leaks/rumours at the door for now), we now know who most of the newbies are playing; Daisy Ridley is Rey (Solo?), John Boyega’s Finn is a (disguised?) Stormtrooper on the run, Oscar Isaac’s Poe is an X-Wing pilot, Andy Serkis is some rasping, malevolent being and BB-8 is just adorable. You can assume Kylo Ren, weilder of the controversial crossguard lightsaber, is being played by Adam Diver, and although his role is still unspecified it’d be a big shocker if Max von Sydow isn’t playing some big bad.

All that leaves Domhnall Gleeson; there’s still no word on what role in The Force Awakens the former Bill Weasley will be playing. And that’s probably exactly how J.J. Abrams wants it.

Who He Could Be Playing? Thanks to the Ex Machina press junket, we know Gleeson and co-star Isaac don’t share any scenes together. The obvious solution to that is he’s playing an Imperial (directly opposed to a Rebel pilot), but it could be something more specific; that long standing rumour that he’s Luke Skywalker’s son, which has been present ever since the casting was announced, just won’t go away.

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