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Briefly description about Toyota Carmy 2013 by Toyota official review and presentation.Design,Efficiency,Engine power,Software system all of things wrote here.

The Toyota Camry has been the best selling car in America for nine straight years. But i’d like in the past, there’s a lot more competition in the mid-size sedan segment particularly from Korean Auto makers like Hundai NPF were building the president with that’s impossible pretty much everything.

So now china has introduced an all new Camry looking to stay on top for a ten straight year.let’s take a look about Toyota Carmy

For starters the Camry has a sort of all new design of arson important changes though and it is worth more in keeping with the times if not as dramatic as some of the competition.

Some important changes in the front grill include and they sort of bad runs across the roof of the joint of the headlights and and it’s a carload of water gets a little bit more wrote presents a version different unique uses.

Although it does look a bit bland from a side profile what you’re looking at here it is the asking all with a notice what absence of chrome on the front instead he got this nice black mess grill right through it comes to a point in front of the bumper to which is a unique design and a lot of other small trees to we’ve got side skirts a little rear spoiler output.

Actually really nicely designed eighteen-inch wheels now outings the performance of this model are stiffer springs in shocks us the parole bar fighting that has released a perot power steering system inside the really give.

You more connected feel for the road and even paddle shifters member of match on the ground.

Important provocative that it was also hope that the other party is effective way to has cut the hundred and fifty pounds of this card by next disparage some models get a lot more than that with the hybrid mahalakshmi weighing two hundred and twenty pounds less than using.

It doesn’t know to handle the rest of the above the line and obvious also a souvenir luxury sedan and has a lot of reasons for that all other nations here there’s also this is a you a very relaxed beast extension is nice of the wider tires distributed signature on the road and this diverse jury maybe just a feel more solid the owner of the version i would when it comes to the new cameras and tear there are some hits answer missus.

For starters there’s actually more room in here then before but even though the actual dimensions of the car haven’t changed which is nice out were actually in a hybrid mall right now and have very few complaints about this but through a lower rate while the seeds of the world since the in the next year. 

Even just for the colors of the use of a little strange whereas if the top of line it really looks good on ac model with you’re black leather or with the micro fiber inserts i dot although this card a hybrid looks great.

Singing features included for twenty twelve include a push-button ignition in kilos access for the the six models as well as all the hybrids and that is great new controls on the steering wheel they’re really handy for accessing the display audio system which is a available on certain models and there’s also an engine system beyond that which is a newsroom apps system that was sort first on player CD. While the display audio has some of the perhaps for anything from showing you the weather, sports updates and of the best one possibly is that tell you what the cheapest gases nearby you ivy entrances and read takes it a step further.

The engine system itself will allow you to download an aps to your air phone or enjoy whatever it is you using on and then you can basically access that certain things through that and it ‘ll let you do is you can book restaurants are you can go to movie in and book movies there and there’s a lot of other great small features built-in even have the being search engine and you can listen to live streaming up radio stations online and of course because this is a family sedan.

There’s a lot of great safety features in this car enough of the things we expect traction for stability control stuff like that a Toyodas now also added ten standard air bags which is great that has the break override system now they’ve made the streets caller in the back to help reduce whiplash injuries on a lot of other small things you can get optional back-up cameras that how great it if you to think that as well as unalloyed optional um… blind spot modern systems of the car.

The power train for the new camera and that’s because at first at least it seems that there’s not a lot new going on under the hood the standard and it is a two point five year for children it gets a little bit more power a hundred and seven eighths horse power and hundred seventy foot pounds of torque what is impressive however is that they’ve managed to grab three more mpg both in the city in the highway so analogous twenty five st thirty-five highway and because uh… the new Camry actually gets three mpg better than the noose and other the camera is a stabs himself as the fuel economy we’re once again also available for twenty twelve is eighty six engine which is interesting.

Because what is height you hang on to the sexes when most auto makers decided. Just offer four cylinders in the mid-size sedan class up hours rate at a hundred and sixty horsepower a hundred and forty foot as a torque and he gets that twenty miles from the city and twenty mpg highway in all those aspects in falls a little bit short of the Hundai sonata terrible then there’s this the brain you Camry hybrid over the past couple years the previous generation model I has been surpassed by the ford fusion hybrid by the a Hyundai sonata hybrid this however puts a end up back on top.

Index forty three mpg in the city thirty nine on the highway and if the combined forty one mpg I was so impressed and it’s a huge leap forward from the previous karke including twelve mile per gallon Rivlin in the city on top of all that it makes two hundred horsepower and action similar to the new city there’s nothing that’s terribly groundbreaking about the new twenty twelve Camry and that is apart from the hybrid models.

On top of that bill the Camry is Sullivan pru move over the previous generation car which was a bestseller. If the camera is the whole onto its sales fell for it tenth year in a has less to do with the merits of the car itself and more to do with pricing and the new hybrid now let me explain in terms of pricing the sort of near entry-level alien wall is going to go up in just a little bit further said that they’ve been released exact numbers as for the FC and X Ellie models which are the higher up levels they’re going to decrease significantly we’ve been told which is in process so the busy train reduce the division between the different models and hopefully sell a lot more hiring ones to people on top of that there’s the hybrid not which really makes the most significant.

Advancements and Toyota is very bullish on Tuesday said that they’re expecting to doubles sales of that car all from the twenty eight thousand two fifty thousands of the real important that meet through the future of the Camry in a certain sense so be on the esteem all that we really enjoyed riding today I would say that the hybrid model is definitely the once again.

Toyota official review 2013

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