Chrysler Voyager | Best Car 2013

When Renault launched the first ever Minivan word as minivans initially called the dismal failure. Sales were terrible.

But gradually things start to heat up and the market concept, other manufacturers began to take action.

Chrysler was one of the first, cleverly finding a niche in the luxury car and a little larger than the others offer. This was the Voyager, made in a factory in Austria and will soon be joined by the more comfortable Grand Voyager.

I remember, fondly tours and holidays in what was, at the time, a radical solution to the needs of family motoring.

Now, 25 years later, the fifth generation of his first 65 levels and 40 Grand Voyager offers security features available, strengthened its role as the most luxurious MPV is available in the islands.

Besides being spacious Minivan seven applications, the Voyager, unlike a lot of competition, it has plenty of room for luggage pieces and filled their pockets and cubbyholes.

There are plenty of boot space and plenty of room for your feet with the rear two rows, but they are very broad and multi-storey car parks are more that never feels great when on the road.

It handles well and has a turning circle, but performance is pedestrian, but who wants to speed up when you have the entire family.

Standard features include STOW n ‘go seats, sliding side doors motoravorvats, MOTO area, interior conversation mirror back, three rows of hand-held electric windows, portable torch, led directional Reading lamps and automatic three-zone temperature control for all passenger Grand Voyager Limited models also get power. folding third-row STOW ‘n Go from being a camera, back-up, clean rain sensitve and Car Infotainment System State-of-the-art Chrysler UConnect GPS and UConnect phone with voice command by default.

To keep passengers entertained with a dual DVD system with two screens can be selected that allows passengers to watch the second game in a row to play the video, or other third film in the series.

posted by Wasiul Biswas                  10.Apr.2013

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