Chris Brown: I used to use my Twitter account to vent, but now I mostly use it for marketing and promotions

Chris Brown says that love is the “greatest obstacle” to your life and something that is still trying to learn.

She will join her now ex-girlfriend Rihanna, who recently split from Karrueche Tran, then they admit that they still love their love.
Chris and Rihanna split after he was beaten and had a great interest in their relationship this year, when he recorded songs together, and apparently spent a lot of time with each other.

What is called the first major phase of its two-year XXL magazine, Chris talked about their romantic status.

“One thing that people often want to talk about my love life,” he told the publication. “When it comes to understanding my love life, I seem to be a player, but it’s not … not something I’m still learning to be a disorder that does not know, I think that the biggest obstacle in my life. “

The Star also discusses the use of social media sites, which is this weekend, when he entered a war of words with a woman comedian on Twitter and deleted his account.

Chris, that is trying to use these sites in a different way and he knows how to write things very quickly, which is considered to Please the past.

“I was so mature, and I think that in the past, so I am now growing my progress,” he said in the interview, which took place prior to his Twitter women.

“I used to use my Twitter Account to miss, but now I use it mainly in the marketing and promotion, even though the media asks me something, if it is legal, then it’s:” What’s that? But one thing is very negative, I think, to answer.

“At first I used to give ‘m fine: What are human, so if someone has something to say that is a lie, I’m numb to it I enfeitou be.”

He also refuses to be involved in his notorious duel with Drake this summer, says Rihanna. Two ways to arrive at the nightclub, but not facing criminal charges, and not something that a 23-year-old says now.

“Many people want to know the whole situation with me, and meek Drake Mill”, – he said: “At the end of the day, to me, they are not rap, I sing. Caliber is quite different from what I’m playing around Bato mixtapes: But our words will not face as much as was thought. “


posted by Wasiul Biswas           30.Nov.2012

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