Brad Pitt’s anti-drug war

Brad Pitt and his house I live in CO Blessed President Barack Obama‘s position on drugs.Last Friday, the 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy HOOK elementary school NEWTOWN, Connecticut.

Washington and Colorado United legalizaron marijuana in the November presidential elections.

In light of the horrific shooting of U.S. President Barack Obama said recently in court prosecuting marijuana users are not “priority.”

Brad, Russell Simmons, Danny Glover and John Myth, serve as executive producers of the House I Live, documentary highlighting injustices and human rights resulting from the U.S. war agents.

They are all happy that the White House has focused its attention on other issues.

President Obama should express the will of the people of Colorado and Washington to assess,” the producers issued a joint statement ET Online. “Our prisons are overwhelmed with non-violent drug users in this country, often severe punishment than violent offenders to serve at this defies common sense and economic policy statement reflects the healthy and more sensitive to the drug, and not a step away from the decades long war on drugs

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