Best batting suggestion for Bangladesh Cricketer

At first I would like to mention the matter of practice.  Now practice for what?? Its not only for physical-practice in outdoor net practice.

Lets check

Every batsman should mental practice for upcoming match, for example a student studied to get “common-question” for his upcoming exam. If he get all the questions in common (under his studied answer) then he will get maximum mark.

So… A batsman also will get maximum run if he gets all the ball in common. What is what does it mean? How?

Lets listen

A batsman need to do a hard assignment in personal lab to know which balls will be thrown by the bowlers in upcoming match.

***Lets explain it by Tamim Iqbal and upcoming match say for example Bangladesh vs England.

Assignment: Tamim Iqbal need to collect all the bowling video clips (last matches of bowler) of Stuart Broad also opening bowlers also the bowlers who will perform about 15-20 over.

Batsman(Tamim) need to identify each ball’s type(how length,swing etc) for only Stuart Broad+another opening bowler, and each over’s type. Now he need to think how to make shot or boundary to this single ball. then next ball then ball by ball practice. Its need not practice to protect his stamps.

Each ball will work as single question of exam hall. All the balls of Stuart Broad will be common to Tamim, So Tamim will get maximum run according targeted bowler.


Best of Luck, Thank you

Wasiul Alam Biswas

Software Engineer



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