Anna Kendrick’s stomach still turns when she thinks back to a nerve-racking scene in Pitch Perfect 2

The 29-year-old performing artist returns nearby any semblance of Rebel Wilson and Elizabeth Banks in the spin-off of the 2012 hit musical film.

In an article for People magazine titled ‘One Last Thing’, Anna opened up about the last time she felt anxious and reviewed a minute from the set of her approaching gimmick.

“Without ruining anything, there is a point [in Pitch Perfect 2] when I am at an incredible stature and I need to bounce,” she imparted to the distribution, “and it was really completely startling and took me like three takes to try and hop. Actually contemplating it at this moment makes my stomach turn.”

Anna, who is known for her porcelain appearance, likewise reviewed the last time she got sunburnt. It was her Life After Beth co-star who saw the humiliating occurrence while they were on vacation.

“It’s been a while in light of the fact that I typically keep away from the sun at all costs. Yet I traveled to Mexico with my companion Aubrey Plaza, and I was under a cap and umbrella throughout the day so I didn’t put sunscreen on,” she reviewed. “I went in the sea for ten minutes and got super-tormenting sunburn all over.”

When she isn’t caught up with shooting films the brunette excellence revels in unwinding with those near her. She likewise strives to be a decent entertainer, putting on a spread of delectable treats for her buddies.

“I had a percentage of the young ladies over for Game of Thrones night, and I did a little chocolate and white chocolate fondue and some spanakopita and smaller than usual quiches,” Anna grinned about when she as of late cooked.

Update 10.Aug.2014

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