American Reunion’s cinematography and editing are pure hack work

The film recognizes this off weak, but realizing that it was pleasant. Cast in terms of pushing all the poor, the longing for his lost youth ansiando wants to revive the dormant sexual life now. Each line, apparently referring to “turn on” or “was no more fun when we were young,” or how “old” feel. Do you think this fix in the “cocoon”.

The “American Pie”, the first and second best, shows that the combination of a hard R-rated raunch sincerity and occasional golden age. The films that followed “American Marriage and four direct-to DVD-spinoff. Through the line connecting all eight, including, “American reunion, that Eugene Levy, as Noah Levenstein, now a widow, still dispenses advice to his strange son, played by Jason Biggs.

The storyline knows, but it is not. The Great East Falls, Michigan Reunion weekend meeting, Jim-Stifler is, haute poseur finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas, deftly treading the line between “unimpressive» and «boring»), sportscaster oz (Chris Klein) and Guy and other a, Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), now married and Bearded. Jim and his group of field derivative wife, Michelle, (Alyson Hannigan) fall into the rut no sex since the birth of her son. the opening scene of the writers and directors. “Harold & Kumar” Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg has a duel masturbation scenes graduates under the roof of her husband even exhausted.

Now and then wakes up in the video. If you go to the reunion and many of the memories of first love, and you can find a babysitter – stay to the end credits Levy and Jennifer Coolidge (Stifler’s mom), is a date movie, and before the joke is as old as time, Levy so hidden that wants to know the “American Pie is going to participate in the elections because it does not have half of it.

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