After windows setup the WiFi of my laptop is not working [Solved]

 If you used WiFi facilities before but after the windows set up it is not working. In this issue a common problem faces every body because of driver software.

It means you need a driver software to run this WiFi function/program. Please first try to do it using your  driver CD disk which is given you with your laptop during buying laptop. Using this CD you can install WiFi software, Audio software, and other driver software. But if you have no CD, you need to download it from your internet. Here is download address for WiFi driver software for various version and operating system.
I’m telling about Realtek WiFi LAN software(Driver).

Step 1: Go to this page and choose the version of operating system such as | Windows | Unix (Linux) | Others |  and  be sure bit I mean 32 bit or 64 bit for windows.

Step 2: download it in you Laptop, specially Windows 7 download from here

Step3: Install it as in generally

Restart your laptop, press function key such as Fn+F4. DONE !!!

It can catch/detect any hotspot wifi. Enjoy !
contact me for doing it by me(if you can’t)

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