Afroman Punched Female Fan, Punching Photo

Afroman tweeted the most non-conciliatory sentiment ever in the wake of punching and thumping out a female fan at his Feb. 17 show. A couple of hours after the fact, he changed his tune to TMZ, maybe after somebody knocked some sense into him. Do you think this is worthy?

Afroman, 40, ought to be embarrassed about himself. Not just did he fiercely punch a female fan and thump her unconscious amid a Feb. 17 show, however he tweeted a super weak conciliatory sentiment the accompanying day. Somebody must have cautioned him of his absurdity on the grounds that an hour or two later, he appeared to have changed his tune — he showed up on TMZ Live and apologized for his disturbing activities. We’re simply not certain we trust him.

Afroman Apologizes For Punching Fan — Singer Says He’s Sorry & Entering Rehab

So Afroman showed up on TMZ Live on Wednesday and said he’s heading to an inpatient outrage administration recovery. He likewise said he knows he wasn’t right for doing what he did (you think?!), yet he simply came up with various reasons.

Not just did Afroman put a piece of the fault on a heckler and the young lady in front of an audience, yet he additionally said the timing of the show, and also the walk he had to the stage, influenced his temperament.

Goodness, how horrible — he needed to walk “a large portion of a mile” to the stage. That bodes well! Presently we comprehend why he railed his clench hand into a female’s face. (Attempt once more, Afroman.)

The more we watch his conciliatory sentiment feature and read his faltering tweet again and again, the more angry w

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