A little bit Anger on our self

Media is so irresponsible, a few weeks ago, Brit Sunday Times had an article about why increasing numbers of women over forty are using donor eggs to have children. There are so many women all over the world that CONCEIVE children NATURALLY over the age of forty that no one talks about, it is so insulting to all women that the media continually focus on women who can’t conceive painting all women as over the hill when they hit mid age.
why not talk to women who conceive naturally and write about that for a change, no they are not unusual, or weird they are normal, maybe they are more responsible regarding their health and less overindulgent…even Nicole Kidman transferred her own eggs to a surrogate mother when she was over forty.

There are so many women that conceive and give birth naturally in mid age, women are NOT DONE when they hit forty…why cant the media give us a break.
Fertility drugs are not required, it can be as easy as in your twenties and thirties, twins maybe common, …donor eggs means the child has NO genetic connection with the woman who has paid for the eggs to be transplanted in her…the child has a right to know…when society and media is constantly telling women that they are past their sell by date at forty…they will give up all hope when in reality there is a good chance they can have children just as nature intended.

No one really knows what really goes on in the daily life of a celebrity…regular people can do important things the regular way.

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