8 Things You Need To Know About Pilot Andreas Lubitz

What we know about Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot who appeared to intentionally crash Germanwings flight 9525 into a French mountainside on Tuesday, killing himself and 149 people on board.

He was a quiet, 27-year-old German who had a passion for gliders and competitive running, according to his employer and people who knew him.

Medical Condition
Germany’s Federal Aviation Office said that he had a medical condition noted in his pilot’s medical certificate, but the spokesman couldn’t say whether the record was related to his mental or physical health because the information was confidential.

He had an apartment in Düsseldorf, Germany. The prosecutor said evidence collected in a search of the apartment on Thursday afternoon didn’t include a suicide note and gave no indication of a political or religious motive for his apparent decision to crash the plane.

Flying Club
Mr. Lubitz had joined the LSC Westerwald flying club in Montabaur when he was about 14, and started gliding as a teen, club members said. The flight club includes a hangar and a club room with plain wooden chairs, a bar and long tables.

Work History
He joined Germanwings in 2013 and since then logged 630 hours of flight time, according to Lufthansa.

In 2007, he placed 72nd out of 780 participants in a 10-kilometer New Year’s week run in Montabaur, according to results posted by the organizers on its website that year. He also ran the Lufthansa Frankfurt half-marathon in 2013, 2012 and 2011, clocking times varying from just under 1 hour 49 minutes to 1 hour 37 minutes, according to results published online.

Mr. Lubitz graduated from Mons-Tabor-Gymnasium in 2007. This photo is from a 2006 yearbook.

Parents’ Home
Mr. Lubitz’s parents lived in the Western German town of Montabaur.

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