176 Muslim villages completely empty: Myanmar

Rohingya in Myanmar has reached a serious stage.The presidential spokesman said on Wednesday Zaw sleeve, his country fully janasunya 176 Rohingya villages. A total of 40 percent of Myanmar’s Rohingya villages. In addition, at least 34 villages are almost deserted.

In August of this year, a total of 471 villages targeted the Rohingya “clearance operations” in the Burmese army. In the village of 176 Rohingya no longer exists. The army and the extremist Buddhists have fled the country, most of them from saving lives. Many took refuge in the forest behind the scenes in the forest.

The Rohingya villages in Myanmar’s army and extremists still continued firing. Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar on Wednesday, September 13, 017 employees in 40 countries, the diplomats visited. They burned down the villages in Myanmar across the river Naf witnessed the scene.

Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali, on the initiative of the United Kingdom, the United States, China, India and other 40 countries to observe the situation of the Rohingya in Cox’s Bazar. In the morning, after they reach their Ukhia upazila in Cox’s Bazar was taken tumabru border. No Man’s Land, where they are waiting to talk with the Rohingya.

By the end of the Rohingya talk with diplomats afternoon getting in a car in a village near the border with Myanmar, just across the Naf river was on fire and smoke can be seen flying. With the diplomatic convoy was stopped and the opportunity to view them. They were surprised and shocked to see the situation in the visual.

The Myanmar army is trying propaganda that the Rohingyas to flee their homes when they are burned. In this regard, the media sponsor of the House XI Myanmar government released a report with multiple views. The report quoted the Myanmar government spokesman Joe tow a post on Twitter, said: “It Bengalis photos. They are putting their homes on fire. ”

The BBC’s Jonathan Head has recently officially visited Rakhine. He writes, ‘we were taken to a Buddhist temple. A monk said, Muslims burn their homes. Some of the pictures that are given to us. It can be seen, a man wearing a hat in the house is on fire. Next to her, a woman brandishing a sword, is a dramatic poses. And I saw the woman, a Hindu camp. He spoke excitedly, homes burned to the Rohingyas. Source: The Guardian, The Washington Post, BBC.

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